Seal Driveways as a Side Hustle

We all know that extra income can be a lifesaver. But what if I told you that there’s a way to make some quick and easy cash by simply seal coating driveways? That’s right – with a little hard work and the right materials, you can start your own sealcoating business and earn a tidy profit in your spare time! Read on to learn how to get started.

What is a side hustle sealing driveways?

A side hustle sealing driveways involves using a sealant or coating to protect and extend the life of asphalt driveways. This service is often in high demand during the spring and summer months, when homeowners are preparing for the harsher weather conditions of fall and winter. Before applying the sealant, it is important to clean and repair any cracks or damage to the driveway. This ensures that the sealant will properly adhere and provide maximum protection.

After the sealant has been applied, it is left to dry before excess material is removed and the driveway is ready for use. In addition to extending the lifespan of a driveway, sealing can also improve its appearance and increase curb appeal. Taking on a side hustle sealing driveways can be a profitable and rewarding venture for anyone with a little knowledge and determination.

How much could I earn sealing driveways?

When it comes to sealing driveways, the amount you can earn will largely depend on your experience and reputation in the industry. That being said, a beginner could potentially earn anywhere from $100-200 per driveway. As you gain more experience and customer referrals, you may find yourself able to charge more for each job and therefore increase your earnings. It’s important to note that sealing driveways is seasonal work, so keep that in mind when planning your income expectations.

In addition, don’t forget to factor in equipment and material costs. As with any type of freelance work, the key to increasing your earning potential is building a strong reputation as a reliable and skilled professional. So do quality work, treat your customers well, and word will spread about your services – leading to potentially higher earnings for you down the road.

How do I get started sealing driveways?

In these tough economic times, many of us are looking for ways to make a little extra money. One way to do that is to start your own business sealing driveways. It’s a relatively easy business to get into, and with a little hard work, you can earn a nice income. Here’s what you need to know to get started.

Choose the right equipment

You’ll need a sprayer to apply the sealer, and a squeegee or brush to work it into the cracks. A backpack blower will come in handy for cleaning up after you’re done. You can buy all this equipment new, but if you’re on a tight budget, you can usually find good used equipment at your local hardware store or Craigslist.

Buy the right materials

The two most important things you’ll need are a good quality sealer and some crack filler. For sealer, we recommend an asphalt-based sealer like Henry’s Driveway Sealer. It’s important to use an asphalt-based sealer rather than a coal tar sealer, because coal tar can be harmful to plants and animals. For crack filler, we recommend Aqua-Patch Permanent Pothole Repair. It’s easy to use and it holds up well under traffic.

Get started

Once you have your equipment and materials, you’re ready to start sealing driveways! Advertising is key – let your neighbors know that you’re in business, and be sure to leave door hangers in the neighborhoods where you work. A word of mouth will also go a long way towards getting new customers.

Sealing driveways is a great way to earn some extra income – and it’s not as difficult as you might think! With a little hard work and the right equipment, you can be in business in no time at all.

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